10th October 2017

Hello again ladies,

So, you have your daily cleansing regime perfected and now it’s time to improve your weekly routine.

I can’t emphasis the benefits of exfoliating and using a mask twice weekly. If I’m honest there will be weeks when you don’t do this at all but try to do it once a week, it only takes 20 minutes and you will see a difference immediately.

It’s important to use an exfoliater that’s not too harsh,  we don’t want to end up looking like Samantha in Sex in the City!! Guinot have a great exfoliater that has the consistency of a gel and as you warm in on your skin it turns into an oil.

For those who like grains, choose one that has small grains that release an oil as you use it, no beads.

The best way to use an exfoliater is to dampen your fingers, apply a small amount and massage gently for 1-2 mins, paying particular attention around your nose. Remove with warm face cloth, dry skin and apply your mask.

There are a fantastic range of masks on the market now and they all have different results. Generally, it’s better to use a cream mask, apply thin layer, leave for 20mins and don’t answer the door! These masks will nourish your skin and leave it glowing. Don’t use these if you are going out later, they can warm your skin and give you a very warm glow that no amount of makeup will cover.

Also available now are masks infused in collagen and hyaluronic acid that are applied like a cloth to your skin, These are fantastic for plumping out small fine lines and reducing redness. You need to lie down for 20mins with these, good excuse to relax after a hard day.

I promise if you get into the habit of exfoliation and masks, you will notice a big difference in your skin. Your make up will go on easier and last longer. Your skin will look less tired and dull and your moisturiser will work better for your skin because it can absorb deeper into your skin. It’s like having a mini facial every week at home.

Next time, I will try to advise you on all the different types of moisturisers and serums.

For more information on products, look up Guinot.com or Thalgo.com.

Till next time.

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