Skincare  40+

10th October 2017

So, you have reached “middle age”, what a horrible term! but it will come to us all. You will have noticed how much your skin has changed and might not know how to look after it as well as you could so over the next while I will advice you on different aspects of your skincare and try to advice on any specific problems you may have.

First off, I want to chat about your cleansing routine. A good cleansing routine will benefit your skin enormously.

It only takes 5mins. Do not use any wipes, no matter what they say, they strip your skin over time, so bin them now. Use a cleanser for your skin type. If you have dry skin, a nice rich creamy texture, or if it’s dehydrated, perhaps a lighter texture. Take off all your make-up with your cleanser, using a separate eye make-up remover for heavy eye make-up. I warm cleanser in my hands and massage it on my skin until I resemble Alice out of the band Kiss!! Then I remove with damp cotton wool or a warm face cloth. Try not to wash your skin, water is harsh and can dry out your skin. Once all your make-up is removed, tone your skin, one wipe and you shouldn’t see any make up on your cotton wool. Dry off your skin and apply moisturiser, eye cream and SPF in morning or night cream at night.

Ok, so I hear some of you saying, “I don’t like toner, it drys my skin”. All Guinot and Thalgo toner are alcohol free and are not harsh on skin. Some people use to much toner and get that tight feeling. If it suits your skin and you use a small amount, this should not happen, Your toner removes excess oil from cleanser that over time can build up and leave skin dull and sometimes spotty.

I advice ladies  to cleanse their skin thoroughly at night, you don’t need to do it again in morning because at this stage your skin generally has no excess oil. It’s important not to over-clean your skin. This can lead to redness and bumps and pimples.

Next time, I will chat about exfoliation and masks, something I know you all use, twice a week!!

Wendy has been a beauty therapist for over 20years. She owns Cheek2Cheek salon and is a specialises in Skincare, using Guinot and Thalgo products.
Check out her website for more details about facials and products, or her FB page.

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