Midlife: Whats it all about?

10th October 2017

If you search for midlife on the internet  it is always accompanied by the word crisis. 

According to Psychology Today Midlife can be a stressful time, many people feel discontented and restless as they struggle with aging, their mortality, and their sense of purpose in life.

Wow – if you weren’t depressed before…..

According to the CSO women on average are living up to 30 years longer than 100 years ago.

So is that 30 years of crisis?

At 50 I am definitely middle aged – that’s hard for me to say.  At 40 I told myself I would live to 85, at 45 I said 95, so therefore, I had not reached the midlife. Now at 50.. while it is very possible that I could live to 100 …. I can no longer  fool myself.

I am middle aged, at midlife!

So now that I am here, I don’t want to be in crisis.  I don’t feel I am in crisis. I feel good, I enjoy my life and want to do more, not less.

Getting older has it’s upsides:-

  1. I no longer worry incessantly of what people think of me (particularly people I don’t know)
  2. If is won’t matter in 5 years – then it doesn’t matter now (I borrowed that from Cher)
  3. I spend less time doing the things I dislike
  4. I (try) to spend more time doing the things I like
  5. Doing something I’ve always wanted to do – starting my own business
  6. Meditate – I dabbled in my 30’s and 40’s but now I find it to be the most personally beneficial thing I can do in a day.
  7. Enjoy exercising – possibly one of the good things a midlife crisis can give you!
  8. Know my own mind
  9. Keen to celebrate achievements
  10. Keen to celebrate milestones

So here’s to the next 50+ years (I might live until 105…)

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