The Wardrobe to Envy is Half Full

26th October 2017

I recently went looking for something to wear in my wardrobe and found a brand new top I had never worn and forgotten about – yaay happy days – seriously though, how does that happen?

We all have way too much stuff! Specifically, in our wardrobes. I have many different sized clothes, I have ‘good’ clothes,  I have work clothes, I have going out clothes and so on not to mention the Ski outfit I bought in Lidl 15 years ago (you never know I might go again)!  Statistics show that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Think about it…don’t we all reach for the same few pieces every day? That means a lot of clothing is just left hanging…literally.

What if…we cleared out what we no longer need.  To have the luxury and ease that dressing can be when your wardrobe is well curated. When everything in it fits your body and your life…and you love it.

Why not get rid of the ‘clutter’ and keep only what we love to wear?

The Wardrobe to Envy is Half Full – What if we became more selective and discerning when we shopped? Purchasing only items that are great additions, not impulse buys. Items that we will actually wear with what we already own. It requires a shift in thinking, but it is well worth it in the end.

Having fewer pieces in our wardrobe simplifies the process of getting dressed. A more streamlined, minimal approach to our wardrobe helps to take the guess work out.
We know what we have and we know it all works. Getting dressed is effortless and we always look terrific!


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Let me know your tips (or disasters) about decluttering.

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